We want to make our communities healthier.

Our focus is simple, educate on the safe and most effective uses of cannabis

We use the highest tech, environmentally conscious methods to grow the best medical grade cannabis. It starts with the seeds we select. We choose our strains based not on what celebrities smoke, but what patients need.

Our growers are craftsmen with infinite attention to detail. At BotaniQ, we grow our own cannabis under controlled conditions by utilizing advanced, innovative and organic growing methods.


As patients ourselves...

We can't wait to educate everyone on the healing power of our favorite BotaniQ products

By fully complying with all regulatory bodies, we will adhere to seed-to-sale practices that will ensure consumer-friendly and safe, bio-organic products. Our cannabis is hand trimmed to maintain and preserve trichomes, some of the most potent medicinal compounds of cannabis.

We constantly update our menu based on the latest international research and the opinions of the medical doctors on our Advisory Board and we are committed to growing green, with systems designed to increase energy efficiency, conserve water and reduce our carbon footprint.